Private Entity Todd Derderian


Published: June 8th 2005

Kindle Edition

428 pages


Private Entity  by  Todd Derderian

Private Entity by Todd Derderian
June 8th 2005 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 428 pages | ISBN: | 10.12 Mb

Government funded scientist Victor Dillinger was about to make history. In a virtually unknown science, Victor has developed a machine capable of reading the minds of primates. But when his success in a risky operation proves the device works on humans, the results of one subject reveals a shattering and disturbing secret.

Suddenly, Victor is swept up in a wave of intrigue and danger, using the knowledge to trace the path of one of the most twisted espionage plots orchestrated in the twenty-first century. While the world concentrates its focus on the Middle East, sinister forces from Russia are poised to exact a chilling conspiracy, creating a complicated network of coordinated global violence that no one believes possible.

And when leaks in the worlds most prestigious intelligence communities cross paths, its the assassins who find trouble. As the countdown begins, Victor and his associates follow the beautiful and deadly Larisa Gooblyer in a nightmare maze of death and peril...into a sizzling world of survival and betrayal, where agents from Britains MI6, the US Pentagon and the terrifying KGB learn that the best way to keep ones word is to never to give it.

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